US Phone Number Search

US Phone Number Search

How to trace the owner of a phone number?

You have received a call from an unknown number which is outside of your social network. You need not worry, there are many websites that offer free phone number search services. In these websites , just by entering the phone number you are looking for, you can get to know the owner as well as that person’s location. If you need a detailed report about the unknown number, you can get them by becoming a member of the website. For US phone number search, you could try a service like whitepages.

US Phone Number Search via Whitepages

You can trace the home address of the owner of the phone number with a service like Whitepages. It is pretty useful whenever tracing by GPS fails. Generally this type of tracking is called “reverse lookup” as you are looking from backwards i.e. from phone number to the details associated with it.

As whitepages scans public records of an individual or a business, its possible to get full info of a person or phone number. This is the best way of tracing phone numbers when you want all the info related to a phone number, legally.

Any service you use to trace a phone number connects directly to the SS7 network. This is one important thing you need to consider in US. This SS7 network is a database with phone numbers and the personal details of that number. So every query of  yours for a phone number through any service will go to the SS7 network and you will get the details of that number.

If you want to know the location of your family members or your employees, find a lost mobile or track an unknown number, then phone number search is as real as shown in movies.