Nuisance Calls and Spam Callers

Nuisance calls can annoy a lot. Apart from causing distraction by keeping us from family and friends, they are disrupt our work and steal our peace of mind and in some cases our money as well. Nuisance calls can come from various sources. It can be from spammers, telemarketers, scammers or automated calls. Call blocking and spam filters can help us to a certain extent. But finding a total solutions that can curd the nuisance calls is hard.

Who can be the Spam Callers?

In order to stop spam calls, you need to know the person behind the calls and who is making money from these calls. Spam calls are basically of two types. One can be automated calls and the other from telemarketers. The automated calls also called robot calls deliver a recorded message usually. Coming to the telemarketing calls, they are normally from sales people who wants to sell their services or products to the customers. We can divide these two categories further into the following:

Legal and Illegal Calls – In case of a mobile, telemarketing calls along with informational calls and non-emergency automated calls requires customers’ permission. When it comes to telemarketing calls, calls from telephone surveyors, charities and any political outfits are legal.

Nuisance calls of any type made to your phone are spam calls. But not all of these annoying calls are illegal. For instance, survey calls can cause you inconvenience but are harmless. Nuisance calls coming from scammers are dangerous. The main intention of these scammers is to steal your identity and money in some cases from you. You can identify them as these frauds ask for bank account details or credit card info on the pretext of solving any issue pertaining to your account or credit card.

Reasons why phone companies don’t stop nuisance calls?

There are three reasons due to which the telephone companies are not ready to provide a good solution to customers for filtering spam calls:

Cannot solve the problem easily : As the mobile network is a complex web comprising of both carriers and solution providers, stopping these calls without cooperation is a tough task.

Money Factor : Telemarketing and automated calls are inexpensive.  They can make these calls without any risk and at low cost. If these calls connect with your phone, the ones who make the money are the phone companies. Unless the competitors offer to provide better solutions for nuisance calls, the phone companies won’t invest to prevent these calls.

Government Regulation : In order to maintain fairness and competition, Governments regulate telecommunication. But this can give rise to slowing down of innovation and the willingness of the phone companies to take risks.

When it comes to curbing nuisance calls, Governments, telephone companies and third parties have to work together to improve the situation.