Tracking Fake Calls in Six Simple Steps

Fake calling still persists and has become a menace to people. Reason for fake calls can be many from tricking or scaring to prank people. Pranksters and scammers often use an old fake number for calling and to get valuable info of innocent people. Certain services are available such as tracephonecaller that helps you to reveal the identity of the fake callers. Fake calls usually can be from an unknown number or a fake private number or restricted numbers and in some cases with no caller ID. Below are the ways in which you can deal fake calls.

Types Of Fake Calls and To Know Whether You Are Getting Fake calls

  • Finding too many blocked or restricted or private numbers in your call log? Then this confirms that you are indeed receiving fake calls. They can be from telemarketers, scammers, pranksters or even harassment calls.
  • Targeting elderly people through IRS is one of the most common scams. You will probably get a call from IRS conveying that this is the final notice for the money that you owe. You may have to face dire consequences such as jail in case if you fail to pay within the stipulated time. Usually people fear for tax officials. In order to rectify the problem, they may call back the fake number. The scammers use this fear to their advantage.
  • Calling as technical support person is another type of fake call. This is mainly to target those who are good with computers. You may receive a fake call from a person pretending to be from Microsoft or Apple support. They may say that your computer is under a virus attack and will tell you to download a special software to save your computer from the virus attack. In the pretext of helping that person may ask for credit card information.

Ways to Deal with Fake Calls

  1. First thing you have to do is to never answer calls without the caller ID info.
  2. Do not give your personal info ever over the call. It is most unusual for a company to ask for your credit card info and social security number over a phone call.
  3. If a person calls you and asks for the number he/she has called, don’t give your number. Instead, simply ask them “What number have you dialed?”
  4. Always remember that IRS can never call you for payment overdue immediately. First, they will contact through mail. Hence a call claiming to be from IRS shouldn’t be trusted and most probably will be a fake call.
  5. The tech support people from any trustworthy company not call you until and unless we complain for a specific tech problem.
  6. In case you get to know the source of the fake call, post the same on several websites so as to warn others. You can even post the number on a website and describe your encounter with the fake call.
  7. The next and most important step is to track the fake calls and to block them. You can confront the fake callers by tracking phone numbers and calls and prevent the caller to reach out to you again and bother you. To The Rescue

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