Search Phone Number by NameThere are a lot of options out there through which you can search phone number by name. You can also search for landline numbers. Prepaid phone number can be easily bought and used without having to enlist the personal details. Hence it becomes tough to find the location of the person using a prepaid phone number.

Most of the people use prepaid mobile phone nowadays. You don’t have to fulfill any contract and updates happen regularly within minutes. As per some people, the problem is to find out the minutes of usage. Follow some steps and get rid of your problem and learn about the ways to search phone number by name.

Search Phone Number Using Search Engines

Few methods are available that can be used to search phone number and in some cases, you can trace the number along with the location of the mobile phone user. In a search engine, enter the mobile number you want to trace. You can use most of the search engines including the most popular ones such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Click the search button and you can see the search results. The chances of the number appearing in the search results is greater if the number is associated with a person or a business. Even other wise, you can find the service provider of the mobile phone number and the location of the person.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup Service

You can use the reverse mobile phone number look up service to search phone number by name. Enter the number in the basic search. You will get the area code along with the mobile phone carrier information and geographic location of the mobile phone number user.

If the basic search hints at the availability of additional information for a number, then you can opt to buy the premium search results from other search phone number India service. In most cases, prepaid mobile users need not submit their personal info. Hence, there may or may not be any additional info available for that number.

It is better to contact the local authorities if you are being harassed or troubled by unknown calls. In most cases, the local authorities will have the resources and legal capacity to get the account info using cell phone tracking and from the call records. This method is the best way to search phone number in extreme cases.