France Phone Number SearchIf you want to search phone number in France, you should first understand the French telephone numbering system. Telephone numbers in France follow a ten-digit closed number scheming. The first two digits denote the area. Below is the list of two digits and the areas they denote:

  • 01 Île-de-France
  • 02 Northwest France
  • 03 Northeast France
  • 04 Southeast France
  • 05 Southwest France
  • 06 and 07 Mobile phone services
  • 08 Freephone and shared-cost services.
  • 09 Non-geographic number (used by Voice over IP services, formerly 087 numbers)

33 is the country code for France. The international access code for France changed from 19 to 00 to stay in line with other countries. If some one wants to call a region in France from abroad, you have to omit the first zero. For example, one should dial +33 2 xx xx xx xx to call a number in northeast France.

Many telephone directories that offer search phone number in France don’t use English. When searching for french phone numbers, you should either know french or can use the Google translator. You can track a french phone using our website and we are offering this service for free.

Simple And Fast Way To Search Phone Number In France

Enter the number you want to trace in the search area and we will do the rest for you. With access to the french phone numbers’ database, we will provide you with accurate info for a particular phone number. The info helps you to identify the phone number’s owner and his/her location.

You may have many reasons to look for a french number. One of them may be, you are getting unknown calls  from a number in France and may want to know the true owner. There are free services as well as premium service that offer search phone number in France. There is a disadvantage when it comes to finding accurate details with free services due to their limited access to phone number databases. Websites that offer this service for a price may charge you more for additional details other than the primary contact details.

Apart from the search phone number in France services, you can use search engines and social media also to trace the owner of a specific phone number. Similar to above websites, you have to enter the phone number you want to trace and hit the search button. The websites usually access the phone number databases to get the details for you.  But, when it comes to search engines and social media, it will can fetch the results only if the owner of that number has listed his/her number in their profile or other places on the web.

Based on your requirement, you can choose from the above stated options to search phone number France. First try out the search engine/social media route. Then try tracing the  phone number via the free sites. Even then you are not able to get the accurate info, you can finally opt for the premium service. You are sure to get the required details which are accurate and these sites are simple to use and fast enough as well.