Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup is a simple method to find the name and location of a caller. You can also find additional details of the caller such as background, criminal history etc with this method. You may have many reasons behind wanting to know the identity of a caller. It can be to find a loved one or a long lost friend or to avoid nuisance calls. There are several ways just like the numerous reasons to perform the reverse phone lookup within minutes. Following are the most effective methods.

Origin Verification Method for Reverse Phone lookup

You can easily verify the unknown number in you caller ID by means of reverse lookup if  you have the registered location of the phone number and the service provider.

  • Search for the number in Facebook or Google or even the Yellow pages.
  • You can find the phone number owner even in phone directories as well.
  • Sites such as or WhoCalled register toll free numbers used by telemarketers, debt collectors and solicitors. In order to trace the phone numbers of nuisance callers, you can use these sites.

Alternative Ways of Reverse Phone Lookup

You can try contacting the police or even a private if you cannot trace the identity of a caller through internet. Contacting a private detective is a much better option for situations with just slight disturbance. But, they usually charge a high fees. Since the results are always accurate, you will be at advantage. In case, they cannot trace the number for some reasons, they will refund your money as well.

Tracing the Call

Take the help of trace phone caller service to find a number. Several telephone operators also provide this service. To find the correct identity of the pranksters who hide their number and use computer generated voices is quite hard. It is best to hang the phone if you get a call from them. Dial *57 after a minute when you are sure that the line is clear.

By the use of Confidential and Secure method

Another simple and fast way to know a number is phone number detective service. You can trace any number with this service and it is highly confidential. Using this service, you can also trace all the details pertaining to the user such as current location, name, residence address etc. You will have access to various tools of privacy protection, access to public records, advanced search option and background checks in addition to the trace phone number service.

As people very much guard their privacy nowadays, tracing a specific phone number which is not listed is hard. In those cases, performing a reverse phone lookup for the number may not be easy.