MNP Process

Mobile Number Portability Process aka MNP process allows the users of mobile phone number to shift from one mobile service provider to another without having to change the mobile phone number. In simple terms, MNP is a process of retaining the mobile phone number even after changing your mobile network operator. Now mobile subscribers have the liberty to stop the service of their current service operator without worrying about losing their mobile number with the help of MNP process. In case of any nuisance with your present service operator, this technology will help you to switch to a new service operator.

Both prepaid and postpaid users can avail this Mobile number portability/MNP in India and it also works on GSM as well as CDMA.

Simple way for Mobile Number Portability Process or MNP Process

Process 1.
Send SMS “PORT” followed by your mobile number to 1900
For instance, if you require an MNP for 9888888888, your SMS will be PORT 9888888888

Process 2.
You will receive a SMS with a matchless ‘porting code’.

Process 3.
Send a SMS of the unique porting code to the service operator of your choice. This individual porting code is usable only for limited time period i.e. only for a few days from the date of request. Hence, it is best to SMS the porting code to the service provider of your choice at the earliest or you may have to again request for another porting code.

Process 4.
Your current network operator after confirming that you do not have any pending bills will contact the new service provider and gives approval for porting.

Process 5.
The date and time of porting will be sent to you via SMS.  The present rules will ensure that the Mobile Number Portability or MNP process will not go beyond four days from the date of request. You will also have to submit an MPN form with your details to the network operator of your choice along with your identity and proof of address documents.

Process 6.
You will receive a change confirmation SMS from your new service provider after the MNP process. Your phone number will not work temporarily for 2 hours during the porting process. Once your phone number  comes to live, you will have your same previous mobile phone number but under a new service provider.

Please Note:

After you have made the switch to the new service provider, your mobile phone number may not revise with the new service provider in some of the online search tools that gives phone number details such as Search Phone Number, Trace Phone Number, Phone Number Listings, Reverse Phone Number Lookup etc.