block unwanted calls

block unwanted calls

The frequency of getting unnecessary calls from advertisers / telemarketers etc has increased. You tend to get angry and irritated when you receive such unnecessary calls during the important occasions.

Quarter of the incoming calls and half the text messages we receive are useless. Some may also receive such calls even after activating the block unwanted calls service or registering on Do Not Call Registry.

There are many ways with which one can block the unwanted calls:

We may not be able to get rid of them entirely but we can surely decrease their numbers.

Method 1:

This is the main method where you need to be active on “Do not call Registry”. By opting to register on this service, you can keep away from unnecessary calls from all including telephone operators. This comes at a free of cost. But some may still receive such calls after activating this service. Even then it is best to register to block unwanted calls service.

Method 2:

Another method is to trigger “Calling barring service”. Majority of the network operators provide this service in order to administer and limit the unnecessary calls for their clients. But this alternative service comes at an additional cost.  This is an improved way to manage nearly all of the unwanted calls.

Method 3

As soon as we receive such unnecessary calls to our mobile device, we also have to maintain severe privacy and evade distribution on internet and social media by not doing the following:

  • Mentioning your phone number in unknown websites
  • Write your phone number in the remarks or comments sections of blogs.
  • Responding with your phone number to announcement or marketing calls.
  • Giving you personal mobile number during ads or news broadcast.
  • Providing your mobile number during shopping for any rewards, additional benefits etc.

Method 4

Currently all smartphone devices come with a feature to block an incoming call from an unidentified phone number or also an identified phone number if you choose not take calls from them. Go to your call record and select the option BLOCK for calls that regularly trouble you. You can also group such calls or phone numbers into a distinct contact group and block such group completely.

Method 5

Another method is to purchase any third party tool or software to sort the receiving calls and block the unwanted calls. This method is a costly one but you get the benefit to restrict calls based on several parameters as preferred by you such as initial number, abroad calls, marketers, etc.