Global Positioning System also known as GPS, technically speaking is a tracking device. It’s purpose is to give the location or position of the user on the face of the Earth. The information such as the latitudes and longitudes on Earth helps in identifying the location. Along with the location, GPS also gives the users, the altitude of a particular object above the sea level. GPS technology is mainly possible with the satellite navigation system. This technology is also available on mobiles. GPS is also present in the low-end mobile phones and not just the smart phones.

How does Global Positioning System / GPS Tracking work?

As mentioned earlier, Global Positioning System works with the satellite navigation system. Its receiver calculates the position which is done by timing the signals precisely that are sent by the GPS satellites. These satellites are located high above the surface of the Earth. Following messages are transmitted by each of these satellites:

  • The time at which the message was actually transmitted.
  • The position of the satellite at the time message transmission.

The receiver then uses the transmitted messages to find the transmit time of each of these messages. It then calculates the distance from each satellite using the speed of light. A minimum of 4 lines of sight satellites are required to pinpoint the exact location of the device. The receiver will try to locate the satellites around whenever you switch on your GPS. If you mobile phone receives info from more then four satellites,  then it will choose the best four matching satellites. With the info the device receives, it will pinpoint your exact location.


GPS itself is a free service. All the info provided by the satellites are free irrespective of the service or network or the location. Any gadget which can receive and process the info got from the satellites can act as a GPS device. It is not necessary to have a mobile to check for location via GPS. One can see Global Positioning System being installed in cabs, bus etc to monitor their speed and location. One can also load GPS into maps. When a object is moving, it keeps getting the data from the satellites and constantly updating its current location. In doing so, it displays the live moments of the object on the app. When loaded into a map, it can be useful in finding locations as well as directions.

Mobile GPS Tracking

It is pretty much easy to track mobiles using the Global Positioning System. For smart phones, numerous apps are available. All one needs to do is to find a suitable app and install in your smart phone and start using it.  As long as you are connected to the internet, you need not have any access to a network for the Global Positioning System to track the location of the device. In case you want to track another device which is not with you, then you may require special Mobile GPS Tracking application. This application helps to report location details such as movements, speed etc of the other mobile phone. Using either a computer or another mobile device, you can access this information.