DND Service

Below are the steps to activate or deactivate the Do Not Disturb service A.K.A DND service:

Steps for Activation : There are two ways in which you can activate DND. One by blocking completely and second by blocking partially with respect to category.

Block Calls/Messages Completely :

Either call to the toll free number 1909 or send an SMS as START 0 to the same number.

Block SMS / Calls partially by category

  1. You can send SMS START 1 to the number 1909 to block commercial calls related to banking, financial plans, insurance and credit/debit cards.
  2. Send an SMS START 2 to 1909 in order to restrict real estate advertisements.
  3. In order to block education related advertisements, send an SMS START 3 to 1909.
  4. Send an SMS START 4 to 1909 in order to block marketing calls or messages related to healthcare.
  5. To block advertisement related to consumer goods & automobiles, send an SMS START 5 to 1909.
  6. In order to block advertisement related to communication, broadcasting, entertainment and information technology, send an SMS START 6 to 1909.
  7. For blocking any advertisement related to tourism, send an SMS START 7 to 1909.

De-activate DND Service

If you want to deactivate the DND service in the future to receive promotion calls and SMS, you can send SMS STOP to 1909. You can even call to the phone numer 1909 so as to deactivate the service.

Note the below points for DND Activation/Cancel:

  1. You do not have to pay or spend anything for calling and messaging to the specified phone number (1909).
  2. All it takes is 7 working days to process your demand by the system in order to discontinue the unnecessary messages or calls.
  3. DND / NCPR will not block your bank SMS alerts & interactions, online reservations, third party individual calling and etc.. So you don’t have to worry to activate the DND service.
  4. You have to wait for 90 days for the next DND appeal.


Ref: http://www.nccptrai.gov.in/nccpregistry

The Indian telecom industry is the second largest wireless market in the world with nearly 900 million subscribers. SMS and direct calling has become one of the most effective ways to sell services and products due to low tariffs and direct reach. But on the flip side, telemarketing has emerged as a serious issue with invasion of privacy and has become major concern for customers.

TRAI has come up with “The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010”. It is a measure to curb the growing menace holistically and to effectively regulate the unsolicited commercial message and calls. All the provisions of the regulations have come into force from 27th September, 2011.

The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Portal is in fact a database containing a variety of information prescribed within it. Under this regulation, customers who do not wish to receive any kind of commercial communications can SMS or dial to 1909 and can choose either of the below two categories:

Fully Blocked Category-

This category stops all commercial Calls / SMS.

Partially Blocked Category-

This category stops all commercial Calls/SMS except SMS from one of the opted preferences.

Understanding DND

If you opt ‘fully blocked category’, you can register to the DND service by sending the SMS “START 0” to 1909. Send SMS “START with one of the multiple options from a list of seven categories to partially block the categories.

You have seven preferences to choose from. For Insurance/Banking/Credit Cards/Financial Products, it is 1, real estate – 2, education – 3, health – 4, consumer goods and automobiles – 5, broadcasting/communication/entertainment/IT – 6 and Tourism – 7.

For instance to receive messages related to health products alone, you can send SMS “STARt 4” to 1909. Like wise, to receive messages related to real estate and education, SMS “START 2,3” to 1909.

The customer will receive an SMS confirming the exercised options and a unique registration number within 24 hrs on successful registration. It requires 7 days from the date of placing the request with the service provider for the registration to be effective. In order to check the status of your registration, you can check by clicking on “Customer Registration Status”. One can also change their preference after 7 days of registering or the last change of preference.

Receiving UCC even after Registering?

Even after 7 days of registration, if you receive UCC, he/she can register a complaint with the service provider within 3 days from the receipt of such UCC. You can dial or send SMS again to 1909. The customer has to send the telephone number or header of the message from which the call or message was received from. One also has to provide a short description of such call or message with the date of receipt of the call or message.

Service provider will definitely take action on the complaint. The complainant will be informed within 7 days of lodging the complaint. For checking the registration status, the customer can click on the link “UCC Complaint Registration Status”.

Regulations for Telemarketers

Even customers who are not registered with NCPR can also identify the commercial calls as all these numbers start with 140. This series of number is specially earmarked for telemarketers. Also there are regulations for the SMS limit sent by telemarketers per day and per SIM. This is to control the possibility of SMS packages used by telemarketers to send large number of SMSs from a normal telephone number. Furthermore, customers will receive all commercial calls or SMS except for the transactional SMSs between 9 AM and 9 PM only.


Telemarketers can also register in this portal. Already existing telemarketers will also have to register with TRAI. Click on the link “New Telemarketer Registration” to register as a telemarketer and follow the instructions.Payment for registration can be made either through online mode via credit or debit cards or internet banking or through offline made via cash or DD. Using their login credentials, the registered telemarketers can download the database of the registered customers on NCPR via this portal. It is their responsibility to make sure no call or SMS is made to those numbers.

By clicking on the link “List of Registered Telemarketers”, one can access the details of the registered telemarketers. One can find the detailed guidelines and procedures for the telemarketers under the menu item “Telemarketers”.

Access Providers

The portal also has guidelines and procedures which the access providers should adopt under the menu item “Access Providers”. They can do numerous activities as per the regulations in the portal by accessing it with their login credentials.